Temples in India with their various modes of worship have been the focal points of our unique spiritual and cultural heritage. In recent times, most of the Temples have been deprived of their sustenance leading in turn to penury of Archakas and their inability to perform their duties properly and regularly. Maha Swamigal established the Kachchi Moodoor Archakas Welfare Trust in 1986 to provide support to the deserving Archakas so that they would in turn continue to perform their duties in these centres of our heritage.

Why it is called Kachchi Moodoor Archakas Welfare Trust? One of the famous devotees, Sundaramoorthy Nayanar, has sung hymns praying for a shower of gold to perform pooja in a Siva Temple near Kanchipuram and uses the words 'Kachchi Moodoor Kamakottam', in one of them. The Maha Periyava gave the same name for this Trust, praying to Divine Mother Kanchi Kamakshi to shower Her Blessings on the Donors, Beneficiaries and the Trust.


Invoking the Blessings of Sri Kanchi Kamakshi, Poojyasri Chandrasekharendra Sarawathi Swamigal formed this Trust in 1986, to identify and help deserving Archakas in rural Temples. For this purpose, the groundwork starts every year around Vinayaka Chathurthi and culminates in oral examinations being conducted in February/March of the succeeding year. Those selected are given a monthly aid from June, on a continuable basis, with a built-in monitoring system.

This Trust started assisting five Archakas with Rs. 100/- per month from June 1987. Since then, the Grace of the Jagadguru has made this Trust grow steadily, with minimum overheads. Presently, the Trust helps in all 487 Archakas - 142 Bhattacharyas + 173 Shivacharyas + 172 Poojaries with Rs.2,600/- per month each, in addition to providing a LIC Group Insurance coverage of Rs.50,000/- to each of the eligible beneficiaries.

The entire Corpus is invested in Fixed Deposits and expenses of the Trust are met only from the Interest earned on these investments. In order to serve fresh batches of Archakas, to raise the quantum of aid periodically and to compensate for declining interest rates, the Corpus Fund has to keep increasing.

Maha Periyava's specific instruction about the quantum of donations was as follows: Every devotee having faith in Indian heritage and receiving a gross income of Rs.4,000/- per month or more, should offer his/her one month's gross income, atleast once in a life-time, for this noble cause. Those earning less than Rs.4,000/- per month may donate their mite.

Online Donations are accepted via a Payment Gateway at our secure website . Donations by Money Order/ Crossed Cheque/ Demand Draft, drawn in favour of 'Kachchi Moodoor Archakas Welfare Trust' may kindly be sent to the Administrative office at the address given above. Please specify that the Donation is for the Corpus Fund and provide PAN Number, complete name and address to facilitate issue of Receipts.

May I, on behalf of the Trust appeal to all Devotees to donate for this noble cause espoused by this Great Avatar of our own times and help to preserve our rich spiritual and cultural heritage.

Please note that 80G Benefit to Donors is available for Donations made to our Trust for AY 2022-23 to AY 2026-27 (from 01.04.2021 to 31.03.2026) per a recent Order for Approval from the Income Tax Department.

Please note that the Trust currently does not have permission to receive Foreign Donations under FCRA.

(sd) S. Raghunathan, Advocate, Chennai, Chairman of the Trust

Jul 25, 2023


1. Sri. M.D.Gopal

2. Sri. R. Subramanian

3. Sri. Chandrasekhar S

4. Sri. Prakash R Bhat, Hony. Secretary & Treasurer